Our Floristry Courses

Thank you for taking the time to look at our floristry courses.

The first thing to say is that each course is designed to ensure you get a fully interactive hands on experience of floristry. Nothing else could possibly teach you as much as having someone show you then work with you while you do it for yourself. You will get your hands dirty making amazing floral pieces on every single course we run.

To explain how the structure of our courses works we have split our courses into levels.



Level 1

Introduction to Floristry

Wedding Floristry Level 1

Professional Floristry Level 1

Suitable for beginners, hobbyists or enthusiasts who want to give floristry a go for the very first time.

Level 2

Wedding Floristry Level 2

Professional Floristry Level 2

 Suitable for those who have completed our Introduction to Floristry or those with some knowledge of floristry. These courses focus on a specific area of floristry and bring you through that specific focus be it Commercial or wedding floristry.

Level 3

Wedding Floristry Level 3

Professional Floristry Level 3


Additional Add On Courses:

Floral Arch Design


These courses are designed for students who have gained experience with the basics. They move at a good pace and allow you to improve your skills and abilities in the art of advanced floristry, showing you techniques you may not have been brave enough to try in the past.


Industry Specific Courses:

Complete Event Floristry – Specifically designed for event managers, wedding planners and other large scale event staff.

Wedding Photoshot Design – Invite only course for fashion & wedding stylists.

Christmas Design & Decoration for the Events Industry

Start Your Own Business

Bespoke Courses

We can provide private courses to groups, businesses, clubs or individuals. Get in touch to find our more.

One to One Training